The Critical Mission Of The Civic Engagement Society.

The Civic Engagement Society understand the challenges facing our People, who is responsible for them, and how make the necessary changes.

-Look what they have done to our nation

      It’s Humanity’s greatest tragedy that in The Greatest Nation in history, 90% of Free Citizens are sitting idly by while their ancestor’s legacy is being murdered before their eyes.

     Dramatic? Hyperbolic? Hardly. There will be tough times ahead. It will be worse if we don’t act.

     In Western Society, commonsense, Nationalist and Populist ideas have been under assault by the Ruling Class for so long that we had nearly forgotten their importance. The wealthy and powerful have spent a lot of money trying to convince us that focusing on the top of the pyramid will not lead to improved conditions for everyone else. This, of course, is a denial of common sense. We are being fleeced, and the people doing the fleecing are the Politicians / Bureaucracies and their mega money multinational global Industry bribers.

     Our wildly successful American values, ethics, morals, and philosophy had created the most resilient and prosperous system ever known but we are now beyond the tipping point. 

          We have no runway left to land this thing safely. Let’s run through a quick list that is far from exhaustive but is brought to you by the traitorous UniParty and Multinational Global Governance Lunatics:

  1. Shortages are wracking the nation. Formula, Poultry, Grain. Dairy, Fertilizer, Diesel. Supplies are dwindling. Store shelves are empty. We have all the resources here at home to produce adequate amounts of everything a first world society needsThe policies enacted by our twisted, corrupt so called representatives are causing these terrifying supply chain break downs.
  2. The Privately Owned Federal Reserve, FIAT currency apparatus is finally imploding. Trillions of dollars printed in the last 2 years alone. National Debt has become an unsolvable problem. The Petro-Dollar is half dead. Inflation is here and will only get worse. The impacts of these events cannot be understated. Nothing is being done to correct this course and so more pain is incoming. 
  3. Local justice systems have been hijacked by George Soros and his lackeys. This evil man, responsible for economic destruction and color revolutions overseas, has disproportionately funded candidates for District Attorney all over the nation. These plants, once elected, have entirely declined to prosecute criminality. They aren’t just soft on crime; they practically endorse it. Predictably, this has led to one of the largest crime waves this Nation has ever seen. It is no longer safe to live in America’s largest cities.
  4. Our Southern Border is wide open. People are pouring in at incomprehensible rates. Quite literally by the millions. It is a disaster of Historic Proportions. We have nowhere to put, no way to pay for and no way to process all these people. Human and Drug trafficking are at all-time highs. Seventy Thousand Americans die of fentanyl overdoses PER YEAR. This is the Cloward-Piven Plan realized and on steroids. 
  5. The Federal Justice System now selectively ignores crimes based on Social, Political and Economic status. Gone are the days of blind justice, when a crooked politician would meet the same fate as a Mafia boss. Political Witch Hunts are commonplace and the people doing us harm are never held accountable. The Courts have become just another Political Weapon.
  6. The Overlords have gone full 1984 and created their very own Ministry of Truth which they have named “The Disinformation Governance Board”. Their mission is to establish Government approved narratives while dismissing, smearing, and potentially criminalizing all dissenting opinions and contrary facts. This is a full-frontal assault on your 1st Amendment and must be met with furious opposition.
  7. Bureaucratic Dictatorships are now a part of American Life. Medical Boards, School Boards, The CDC,  The ATF. The list goes on and on. We now live in a Country where legislating has been delegated to any organization with even a tertiary claim to authority. We are no longer a nation of Free People bound by Law, but a nation of serfs beholden to guidelines, mandates, and recommendations.
  8. The next generation won’t save us. Our education system has fallen so far so fast you may have mistaken it for a meteor, and it might as well be because the damage this will cause will be catastrophic. It turns out that focusing on Gender Queer Thought Experiments from K-12 and beyond results in a disastrous decline of Math and Science skills. Our children are now ranked outside of the top 10 in science and outside of the TOP 30 in Math. We spend more money than any nation on Earth per pupil and have less to show for it. More wasted money on government programs. Our children NEED us to fix this.

- The Commitment of the Opposition

     Think back to 2020, the “Summer of Love”. Watching as thousands upon thousands of young, motivated, and thoroughly misguided Americans made their presence felt. They imposed their will onto Society at large. We vehemently disagree with their premise and their prescribed remedies, but we cannot deny their effectiveness.

     Let me be clear, I am not talking about the riots. I denounce the violence committed by the shockingly plentiful animals in the streets. I condemn the destruction and theft of private property. I despise the blocking of highways. CHAZ was a disgrace.

     It was the sit-ins, the marches, the speeches, and the persistence that I was jealous of. Thousands of people, every day for months on end. Making life hell for the people pulling the strings. Putting the pressure where it needed to be put to achieve the change they desired. It was stupid far left Communist inspired change, but it was achieved through largescale Civic Engagement

          And what did it take to motivate them to such a degree? The death of a middle-aged drug addict with a history of violent crime? That’s all? In comparison, think of what the UniParty Globalists have taken from us. Our Peace, Our Jobs, Our voices, Our Freedom. We are the ones who ought to be fueled with righteous indignation.

- How We Can Win

      We must exhibit the same passion that they do because if we don’t we will continue to lose. The Conservative movement has failed to conserve a single thing and that is why we must become Restorationists! 

     We consider it a victory when we stymie a Leftist attack. A post birth abortion bill is beaten, we cheer. A big tax increase is put on hold, we celebrate. Government run healthcare is smacked down by a court, we say a toast. The problem is that whenever we deflect an attack we sit back and wait for the next one! As a result we can never secure victory.  

     All it takes is one of their advances to be successful for our entire efforts to become meaningless. We must become bold enough to codify policies that will secure our beliefs and prevent our rivals from imposing their will on us. To do this we have to be the hammer, not the nail. 

     That’s why I am aiming high. Ambition is the fuel for personal and collective evolution. I believe that the former drives the latter. We will use that premise to create a blueprint for Effective Local Activism that will drive the engines of a national restoration.

     Our organization will help recruit, teach, and mobilize Common Sense, America First candidates and activists so there will be put constant pressure on Local Officials. We will identify and leverage the expertise of each member to create hyper precise committees focused on specific battles in local communities. It is our firm belief that every man woman and child can bring value to our movement. You will be doing more than door knocking when you join a CES Core*.

     Political Activism isn’t a hobby, and it doesn’t end or begin on Election Day. It is a sacred duty expected of a well-informed citizenry. It is the Cross we must bear as Free People. It was handed to us by the Founders so that we have a peaceful method to fight against the exploiters and subjugators of Humanity.

     Sadly, we have forgotten this. We have been reduced to an endless sea of comfortable, lethargic, and apathetic people. The greatest loss of potential the world has ever seen.  Once the most powerful, prosperous, and peaceful nation has been captured by multinational criminals, power-mad egotists, and incompetent greedy Yes men.

The Civic Engagement Society will make America First political activism commonplace.

We will take back control of our communities.

We will resist unjust Governmental overreach.

We will send reformers to State Houses, City Councils and Capitol Hill.

We will be seen, we will be heard, we will innovate we will inspire, we will build one another up and we will prevail. For the betterment of America, the restoration of Freedom and the prosperity of humanity; We will remind the world of the power of the American Citizen.